Monday, November 4, 2013

The Library Diet, Part 2

The Library Diet, Part 2

How are you doing with your Library Diet, Media Friends? This week, I'm back with Part 2 and I hope you've been making progress in bringing some order, sanity, or just a little streamlining of your Media Center or even yourself. Every little change can help move you in the right direction. So here's a few more tips for the Library Diet, which I posted Oct. 19 with #1, 2, and 3.

4. Have Some Accountability
Weight-wise, some folks believe in weighing every day to keep themselves in check. In WW, I'd advise once a week, due to how much weight fluctuates from day to day. But besides the scale, having loving family or friends to report to or receive feedback from can boost your diet efforts.
So in the Media Center, where is your accountability? Administration, of course. Our supervisor and monthly reports also, But do you have some valuable educator or other media friends (PLC, PLN, etc.) who can provide guidance, encouragement, and words of wisdom to help keep you on track? You don't need to be entertaining too many voices, but seek out other professionals who can help and also challenge you to be better in what you do. As I read postings in our Media Conference, I've come to know and appreciate fellow Media Specialists whose opinions, ideas, even questions posed to others are inline with my philosophy. Often, rather than pose a question to the whole group, I might seek out their opinions. And it's not always the same folks for the same things. I have a few for tech questions, a few for book ideas, maybe my Area 4 PLC for issues particular to our area, etc. For newbies, you have the benefit of your mentor and the newbie group, and I'm sure they'll continue to be an especially close group for you.
And accountability isn't just a "yes" person or one who agrees with you (as my scale often attested to!); don't resist someone who will give you honest and direct advice if you are asking for it and give them permission for it.

5. Celebrate Success!
Reaching weight loss goals certainly deserves celebrations with non-food items that reward you for your hard work and persistence. So what will indicate success in your media center and how will you celebrate it? As with a weight loss diet, you can't expect overnight results; but you need to appreciate and recognize the small steps you make in the right direction. In the Media Center, there are many methods to celebrate your successes and accomplishments. When you have improvements in circulation, participation in programs, good media behavior, a dynamite lesson, or whatever your goals , etc. don't hesitate to share the good news on your Morning Show, window signs/data charts, faculty meeting announcements, or family newsletter articles. Let your administration know how your Monthly Goals were achieved when you share the monthly report with them.

So as you move toward having a more lean, mean, Media Center machine, I hope you have recognized that slow and steady helps you win the race, that you've weeded unnecessary habits/programs/interruptions from your daily routine; you have a plan and accountability for it, and that you are celebrating your successes.

May you find something to celebrate every day, both personally and professionally! Have a great week and stay grounded!