Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stay Grounded

Welcome to The Grounded Librarian. I have been an Elementary Librarian (aka Media Specialist) for 14 years, and am in my 30+ year in Education. The Library is truly where I have found my niche and calling. The love I have for my job and this profession provides the inspiration for my messages. I have written motivational leadership messages for over 5 years for the Media Specialists in my school district. Hopefully, as I broaden my audience, you will also be encouraged in your daily walk in your libraries, media centers, classrooms, or wherever you find your day taking you. I'm all about bringing joy to those we work with every day: students, teachers, administrators and community.

I hope you enjoy and offer feedback in my forum for library ideas, leadership, encouragement and humor and that you are inspired to keep doing what you love, and as I do every day, "stay grounded".